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Could Have Had A Better Start To The Morning

Wednesday, March 7th, 2018

First of all, let it be known for those who have not met me in person, that I always aspired to be a mad old cat lady. It would seem that I have reached the mad cat lady stage earlier on that I had thought. Actually I am a mad animal lady as I have been known to rescue from the side of the road a depressed bulimic barn owl (will tell you all that story at a later date).

Today was not a good start to the day, not only did I not have time to have a cup of team before I left for work but I also had to deal with a poor run over kitty before said tea.

Now it has has been know for me to call up my boss on the way in with the words “I am going to be late in today, I am rescuing a run over kitten”. To which, my boss answered “OK I will see you when I see you”. Now that is a boss who I liked to work for, my current one is just as fab. Not all bosses are arseholes.

Back to this morning, driving down the approach to work I noticed just on the other side of the road a poor run over kitty. Know I know that there are some people in the world who are not as pleasant or kind as I would like everyone to be, and also as already mentioned I am a mad cat lady, would see this as a target to ‘smush’. So instead of taking the left turn to go to the works car park I went around the roundabout and doubled back on myself. Pulled into the side of the road, put on my hazards, and got out of the car. Goddess knows what the drivers on the way into work must have thought, but considering Basil (the name of my car) has cat stickers on it, it may have given a clue. So I moved the poor little kitty from the middle of the road to the verge so it would not be targeted.

Now a lot of people have a fear of dead things. This I do not understand as it is not as if they can do do you a lot of harm. Well apart from passing on some diseases. They are not going to jump up and attack zombie style. The poor kitty had really be hit and it, from the look of things didn’t suffer or feel it’s injuries. I won’t go into detail as some of the people who read this may be a tad squeamish.

Needless to say I cried my heart out when I got back into the car, back up the round, around the top roundabout and back into the works car park where I pick up a colleague and take them onto the site.

I feel sorry for the poor lady I called to get the facilities management team to collect the cat as this is what they do. It was not what she wanted for her cbd products call in the morning and I can only hope that the calls that she got later on where much nicer.

The thing is, this is not the first time I have done this. There is an animal carrier permanently in my car in case I come across an injured animal on the side of the road whether it be an owl or cat or any other critter. Is this normal?

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