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The Car Parking Fairy

Sunday, February 25th, 2018

I was reading the entry for todays date (25/2/18) in Llewellyn’s Witches Spell-A-Day Almanac (2018) and it was about The Parking Space Word. I do not have a parking space word of my own but I do have The Car Parking Fairy (CPF).

So what does the CPF do for you, I imagine that you are asking yourself? Well, what the CPF does is when you ask them, very politely, “Oh CPF please help me find a parking space”, low and behold one appears. Once you have parked in that space it is very important that you thank the CPF or else no more help will be given in the future.

Now, Mad Welsh Mam was up in Cumbria visiting me the other year and I did my normal shout out asking for help in finding a parking space. My mam laughed at me and said there is no such thing. Considering she is also part witch herself (although she will never admit it) I would have thought that she would be on board with me. Anyways, could we find a space, could we heck as like. So after prompting from me she apologised to the air in general “I am sorry CPF, please help us find a space”, low and behold we found one almost straight away. She also thanked her as I did. I have also gotten my hubby to do the same and he has good luck with spaces as well.

So believe in the Car Parking Fairy and they will believe in you.

Car Parking Fairy

(Image (Accessed: 25/2/18))

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